Membership of Surf Life Saving Australia is achieved through our national network of 315 clubs. Surf lifesaving is 'Serious Fun'. 

We enjoy having fun, being physically fit, learning teamwork and lifesaving skills, competing in surf sports, helping make the beach and the water a safer place in our community and having a positive and friendly social life.

The following are the main membership categories applicable to all members, new and returning.

Junior Activities (Ages 5-13 years)

Young surf lifesavers, commonly known as 'Nippers', learn about:

  • Surf safety and awareness, including how to identify hazards and self-survival skills
  • Surf sports skills, such as how to catch a wave when swimming
  • Personal development and leadership, including teamwork and improving self confidence.
  • EcoSurf - learning how to look after the fragile coastal and marine environment.

Cadets (13 & 14 years)

As a Cadet member you are on the threshold of becoming a fully qualified Surf Lifesaver.  You train for the Surf Rescue Certificate which provides knowledge and skills in rescue techniques, first aid, resuscitation and much more.   When you qualify you are able to join a patrol and you will be issued with a Surf Lifesaver uniform - a very special moment in your surf lifesaving career.

Active Members (15 years & over)

Active members are fully qualified surf lifesavers. Without them the iconic 'Surf Club' and its wonderful volunteer service would not exist.  As an Active member you train for the Certificate II in Public Safety (Aquatic Rescue) and you are also awarded the famous SLSA Bronze Medallion - an emotional milestone for you and everyone helping you achieve your qualifications.  You will be expert at rescue and resuscitation and a competent operator of oxygen therapy equipment, two-way radios and much more.  You'll participate in your club's patrols and you can move on to other awards such as the Heart Defibrillator Certificate and, if you are old enough, you can train to operate Inflatable Rescue Boats and Rescue Water Craft (Jetskis).

General Members

If you want to support your local Surf Club, but cannot be an Active member, you can join as a General Member.  General members help the club by participating in one or more of a wide range of supporting activities such as administration, fundraising and social events.

Award Members

If you have special qualifications which help provide the lifesaving service offered by your club you can be an Award member.  For example, you may have qualifications in advanced first aid and emergency care or radio communications.

How do I join?

  1. Contact your local club (details above) or
  2. You can register for a club Online