Beach & Paddle Series


Run over 4 dates between June-September, this Series is all about participation and encouraging residents to get out on the water or come down to the beach to enjoy Darwin’s beautiful dry season conditions, all under the supervision of our experienced surf lifesavers.

Each event in the series will include a beach/swim competition and a paddle competition on the same day. Participants can choose to compete in either the beach competition, paddle competition or both.

2017 Series

Beach Series Events

Event 1
17 June: 2km Beach Fun Run - Open to all ages
Event 2
22 July: 200m Run, 200m Swim, 200m Run - Open to ages 14 years up
Event 3
20 August: 600m Ocean Swim - Open to ages 14 years up
Event 4
3 September: 100m Beach Sprints - Open to ages 6 years up

Paddle Series Events

Event 1
17 June: 3.3km Short Paddle Course & 7km Long Paddle Course
Event 2
22 July: 4.7km Short Paddle Course & 15.4km Long Paddle Course
Event 3
20 August: 2.6km Short Paddle Course & 14.2km Long Paddle Course
Event 4
3 September: 400m Paddle Sprints & 1.6km Paddle Sprints

Each paddle event offers participants a short course and a long course in a range of craft categories that include sea kayaks, dragon boats, ocean skis, outrigger canoes, stand up paddleboards, surf skis and surfboats. Participants must be at least 15 years of age and be proficient swimmers.

To register for any of the events, please visit our event page.

Click here to read the 2017 Rules and Regulations .


A huge thank you to the following SLSNT Surf Sport sponsors for making this Series possible.