Surf Life Saving Clubs (SLSC), as organisations that involve children, should have a strong interest in keeping children safe.

As such Surf Life Saving NT is developing procedures and resources which complement the Surf Life Saving Australia (SLSA) Child Safe Policy 6.04.

It is important for SLSCs to understand that good child safe policies and practices are the best way to reduce potential environmental risks and keep kids safer in our organisation. SLSNT encourages all clubs to use a range of responses to manage the potential risks in their individual environments, including meeting their Working With Children Check (WWCC) legal obligations.

Ochre Card

In the NT, a working with children clearance is known as an Ochre Card, and is an assessment of the risk of harm or exploitation that you may pose to children.

It involves a check of:

  • your police history,
  • employment records,
  • character references,
  • reports about your recent behaviour.

The check is conducted by the Northern Territory Screening Authority, appointed by the Minister for Children. The authority works with Screening Assessment for Employment in the Northern Territory (SAFE NT), a unit of the Northern Territory Police. The information you submit to SAFE NT will be kept private unless it's required by law to be disclosed.

How long your clearance is valid for 

Your working with children clearance notice, the Ochre Card, is valid for two years. It's issued by the screening authority.

A renewal involves new checks of your police history and employment records. It may take as long as a new application to process.


You must pay one of the following application fees to apply:

  • $81 if you are employed in child-related work
  • $8 if you are volunteering in child-related work
  • $32 to replace a lost, damaged or stolen card.

How to pay the reduced volunteer fee

To pay the reduced volunteer fee, ask your SLS Club to fill in the working with children volunteer concession form PDF (517.1 KB).

Submit the completed form with your application.


You can apply online here, or you can apply in person or by post by completing the volunteer form here.

For more information on the NT Ochre Card, please visit the NT Government Child Safety Website.