11 May 2020

All SLS members have a responsibility to ensure that they adhere to all government rules and regulations to stop the spread of COVID -19 at all times. This means observing physical distancing, increasing cleaning and ensuring personal hygiene at all times and ensuring any visitors to our locations also follow requirements.

The NT Government has created steps to help SLS restart while managing our safety responsibilities around COVID-19. This includes the creation of a COVID-19 Safety Plan and the completion of the COVID-19 Safety Plan Checklist.

Whilst SLS is a community organisation, as some of our activities include surf sports and Nippers it is recommended that all clubs complete the COVID-19 checklist for sport and active recreation organisations. The key principles remain the same regardless of whether you are a community organisation or sporting organisation – but the sporting organisation checklist covers our activities a little better.

For clubs operating a bar or food business you will need to refer to the Guidelines for Food Businesses and complete that specific checklist as well.

Memo for Clubs - COVID-19 Safety Plan 

Q & A's for the Sport and Active Recreation Sector