Understanding the ocean is very important

The NT's beautiful coastline is a fantastic place to enjoy with family and friends, however, not all beach users are aware of the potential dangers they may encounter. The size of the tides, unpredictable rips and gutters, as well as dangerous marine creatures can all pose a risk for beach users.

The NT has over 10,000 km of coastline and 1,488 beaches. More than 200 of these beaches are classified as 'surf beaches' but are mainly located on the east coast of Arnhem land. However, they are becoming increasingly popular with school & community groups and tourism operators.

Many NT beaches are characterised by strong tidal currents with shallow, low tide terrace structures and inshore rocks and reefs. Shallow inshore areas often have high levels of suspended silt which hides the bottom - so be careful when entering the water, no diving!

Understanding the ocean is very important. The more you know about how waves, wind and tides affect conditions in the water, the safer you will be and the better equipped you will be to keep others safe from danger. Recognising danger signs, and awareness of open water conditions, is an essential part of keeping yourself safe.