Millions of people visit at least one of Australia’s beautiful beaches every year. Although Australian beaches may look amazing, they can be unpredictable and hide some dangers that every visitor should be aware of. Here you will find some very helpful info and advice from our Lifesavers on beach safety, to ensure you enjoy your visit to the beach and stay safe!

Visit the BeachSafe website for more beach safety tips and advice on beaches in your area.


Beach swimming in the Northern Territory should be undertaken in the dry season months of June, July, August and September as these months are outside the 'Stinger Season'.

When you see red and yellow flags on a beach, it indicates that there is currently a lifesaving service operating on that beach. The lifesavers have chosen a section of the beach that is best for swimming and they will closely supervise this area. Lifesavers pay more attention to the area between the red and yellow flags than any other part of the beach. 

Only Mindil Beach has lifesavers on duty every afternoon Thursday-Sunday from June until September, thanks to the foresight of the Darwin City Council.

How else can I enjoy the beach safely?

Consider protective clothing (long sleeved tops with shorts or a sunsuit) as stings have occurred in all months of the year.

When at the beach, or in any aquatic environment, children must be supervised both in and around the water’s edge. Learning to swim is a skill for life and one everybody should learn.

Slip, Slop, Slap, Seek and Slide to protect yourself from the sun, and always remember to stay hydrated. All beach goers are encouraged to talk to the lifesavers or lifeguards on duty about local conditions and beach safety before entering the water.

Get to know the Beach

Are you going to the beach? Want to find out more about the surf and ocean? Are you doing a school project and want more information on Beach Safety?

Follow the link to find our lifeguards top tips for beach safety. 


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SLSA recommends swimming at patrolled beaches, between the red and yellow flags.

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