Leadership and Surf Lifesaving - it's more than you think!

SLSA plays a key role in the community and has leadership programs for all ages.

For our youth we excel in providing a safe and supportive environment in which young people can grow and develop into young adults.

The youth of Surf Life Saving are not only the key to our future but in many cases are leading the way now. With over nearly half of our membership under the age of 18, they are critical to all aspects of surf lifesaving. While enjoying the beach lifestyle you:

  • really give back to the community
  • make lifelong friendships
  • learn valuable beach and surf safety
  • rescue and resuscitation skills
  • develop self confidence and strong leadership attributes

For adult members there are a range of development programs, usually conducted annually by SLSA or SLSNT. These programs are of a very high calibre and support the development of advanced management and leadership skills so you can benefit your club and your personal career.
For more information contact SLSNT by phone on 08 8985 6588 or email surf@lifesavingnt.com.au


Become a Trainer and/or Assessor for your club

There are many benefits involved in becoming a Surf Life Saving NT Trainer or Assessor. Other than the benefits of helping thousands of Lifesavers to learn new skills here are a few more benefits:

  • Industry Recognised Training – The award that you will receive upon successful completion of your course is Nationally Recognised. With these accreditation's you can take them across to your workplace and increase your own opportunity for development.
  • Upgrade your skills – Training and/or assessing is one of the best ways to build upon your own skills. Participants often initiate discussion on topics you may never have explored.
  • Career Opportunities – The award and experience you will gain as a Trainer or Assessor could be a benefit to your career, regardless of your industry. Skills in training and assessment can improve your presentation skills and could even lead to you becoming a Workplace Trainer or Assessor.

What are Trainers and Assessors?

A Trainer is someone with special knowledge in a particular field who teaches or instructs another person in a learning environment, to improve that person’s skills and knowledge.

An Assessor is someone with special knowledge in a particular field who serves to evaluate another person, to ensure they are deemed ‘competent’ in what the person has trained in.


Surf Life Saving Australia Programs

Sir Adrian Curlewis Scholarship

The Sir Adrian Curlewis Scholarship is a national program that is designed to build leadership skills, knowledge, and highlight the potential in young Australians who choose to pursue leadership roles in surf lifesaving at club, regional, state and national level. The program provides candidates with an environment within which they can discover their leadership potential under the guidance and mentoring of active leaders in surf lifesaving.

This scholarship provides the recipients with a 12-month structured mentoring program through a 'contract learning agreement'. This agreement focuses on some key areas that the participant feels they need to improve in their personal leadership skills. This mentoring program is preceded with a 4 day induction program where scholars are able to develop a greater awareness of their leadership strengths.

National Leadership College

The National Leadership College is the accumulation of year on year development of the nationally delivered leadership program. The focus of the national program has moved from a 'camp' to a 'conference' to what is now a 'college'.

The college assumes participants come into it with some previous exposure to leadership training, preferably from within the surf life saving leadership pathway, but it could also come from their careers outside of surf. The college philosophy is 'interactive shared learning' and relates SLSA's leadership competencies to grass roots surf life saving. This is achieved through key note speakers and a focus on facilitator lead workshops.

Potential participants can come from a range of different backgrounds, interests and areas of focus within the club environment - although it is preferable that they have been involved in previous state leadership training. These future leaders are most likely patrol captains, chief instructors, club captains, age managers etc.

Leaders Conference

The aim of the Leaders Conference is to provide an opportunity for existing leaders within SLSA (at all levels) to participate in a high-level leadership development program, with a particular target of club presidents. It is aimed at leaders in the 30+ age category and will be very useful for leaders who have a limited surf lifesaving background and those leaders who have re-entered the organization after an extended period of absence. The conference will provide participants with an environment that will enable them to refresh and extend their leadership capabilities.

Leadership Network

The leadership Network is a new concept to SLSA. It is being developed to provide an ongoing support network for those members who participate in national leadership programs such as the Leaders Conference, Sir Adrian Curlewis Scholarship and National Leadership College.

The Leadership Network will work like an alumni, where members can share experiences, knowledge and ideas in a like-minded environment. It is envisaged the network will be chiefly brought together through a bi-annual e-newsletter that communicates the latest thinking in areas of leadership, management and areas directly related to surf life saving.