YIP’s is short for Youth Involvement Program!

It is a recognition and reward program with a similar concept to Frequent Flyer Points. Participants aged between 13 and 18, collect points for being involved in lifesaving activities. The more activities they engage in, the more hours they volunteer, the greater their YIP’s point score!

YIP’s encourages participation in all areas of club activity such as:

  • Lifesaving
    • Lifesaving Services
    • Education 
  • Development
    • SLSNT & Club Activities
    • Junior & Youth Activities
  • Surf Sports
    • Participation & Competition 
    • Coaching & Officiating

By collecting points in all three areas the following levels of achievement can be attained:

  • Bronze (Minimum 100 points completed over 3 areas and 8 hours patrol per year)
  • Silver (Minimum 150 points completed over 3 areas and 12 hours of patrol per year)
  • Gold (Minimum of 200 points completed over 3 areas and 16 hours of patrol per year)

As outlined above a minimum number of points and patrol hours are required for each level. At each level participants are presented with an award to acknowledge their achievement and contribution to lifesaving.

Please be aware of the following clauses:

  • once a participant has obtained one of the 3 awards, they can’t enrol for the same Award in the next season.
  • If a participant decides to commit for Silver or Gold award, and is unable to complete due to unpredicted circumstances, they may still be entitled to get the award below, Bronze or Silver (if enough points).

Enrolments open NOW

 Participant Handbook


More Information

Contact SLSNT on (08) 8985 6588 or by email: surf@lifesavingnt.com.au