As soon as you turn 13, you become a cadet. This age group is perhaps the most important age group for juniors. It is the last year of structured junior activities and the first where the junior can start to participate in regular surf lifesaving activities - patrols, open carnivals, etc.

A number of skills and knowledge lessons are provided through the structured junior development program that pathway towards the Surf Rescue Certificate (SRC). The SRC is the introductory award for patrolling surf lifesavers and allows the recipient to take part in beach patrols. A member must be 13 years of age to sit the examination for this award.

Completion of this award is a minimum requirement for participation in surf sports competition as an Under 15 (and in some instances as an Under 14).

Cadets will complete this award as part of their regular junior activities. This might be done in a number of ways:

  • SRC training could take place during the regular junior activities time slot (eg. Sunday morning).
  • For those who turn 13 early in the year, training for the SRC (particularly the theory components) may take place in the winter 'off-season'.
  • Clubs may choose to run SRC training in a similar fashion to other awards. Theory sessions may be run on a weeknight, with practical sessions run on the weekend either as part of the regular weekly activities or at another time.

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