Stage Two: Under 9, Under 10, Under 11

Applied aquatic skills

Minimum depth of safe aquatic environment – 1.5 metres

Under 9:
for this age group safety steps up a gear by introducing safety tips and the ability to identify hazardous surf conditions. Participants can begin to use a nipper board, so basic board positioning and paddling is introduced. Other surf sports skills focus on body surfing, sand running technique and diving for a beach flag.

Under 10:
in this age group participants begin learning basic lifesaving skills, including how rip currents work, using body boards to assist someone in the water, and practicing resuscitation skills on a manikin.

Under 11:
For Nippers at this age there is a strong focus on recognising ‘at risk’ people and recognising and managing patients suffering from a range of basic first aid cases. Participants can learn how to perform CPR and there is an opportunity to work towards a Resuscitation Certificate. Surf sports skills focus on board dismounts, catching waves on a board, board relay, surf swimming techniques, crouching beach sprint starts and ironman / ironwoman and cameron relay transitions.