How do I become a Lifeguard?

Each aquatic venue presents a different set of hazards, SLSNT has set minimum levels of training for a lifeguard to work at each venue. The minimum training takes into consideration the support available from other staff, the likelihood of injury and the likely severity of injury. 

Aspiring lifeguards must be

  • at least 16 years of age,
  • able to hold a valid Ochre Card,
  • able to complete a 200m swim in under six (6) minutes,
  • willing and able to undertake all training and commit to at least six (6) months of work.

Lifeguard Training Program

SLSNT has developed a training pathway to upskill jobseekers with all of the necessary skills and knowledge to take on this role. The Lifeguard Training Program takes approx. 6 weeks to complete. Trainee Lifeguards are paid for their time whilst a part of this program. 

SLSNT will advertise the lifeguard training program through our social media and website. Aspiring Lifeguards are required to apply through by submitting their most recent resume. 


SLSNT Lifeguard Training Program - Outline 

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