Officials are the key to the effective running of all Lifesaving events. An official is any person who controls or judges the technical aspects of a competition through the application of rules and laws of the sport. We need officials to ensure the spirit of the event is observed and enjoyed by all.

Official accreditation is broken down into three (3) separate levels: Core, Technical and Senior Official. Descriptions of these roles can be found in section 13 (pg. 269) of the Surf Sports Manual.

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  • Must be a financial member of Surf Life Saving Northern Territory or another SLSA or RLSSA organization.
  • Must have a Working with Children Check (WWCC – Ochre Card) - If 18 years and over.
  • Must be 16 years or older

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The NOAS Pathway is as follows:

Core Official – Core Officials work with entry level participants from U8-U14 age categories at junior competitions. Officiating roles may include:
 - Marshall
 - Recorder
 - Timekeeper
 - Finish Judge.
Core Officials will be supervised at competitions by a competent Technical (or above) accredited Official.

For more information: Core Official Overview

Technical Official – Technical Officials fulfill specific officiating roles and are permitted to officiate at Club, Branch, State events. Officiating roles may include: 
 - Marshall/Check-Marshall
 - Starter/Check-Starter
 - Timekeeper
 - Recorder
 - Finish Judge.

For more information: Technical Official Overview

Senior Official – Senior Officials are those who work with athletes competing in State/National Surf Sports Competition. Officiating roles may include:
 - Referee/Area Referee/Sectional Referee
 - Chief Judge
 - Course Supervisor
Suitable for an existing Technical official with experience in the field.

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All Official accreditations last four (4) years. Within these 4 years, the official must obtain 100 officiating points (recorded in their logbook - please see logbook for point system) to be eligible to reaccredit.
To reaccredit – please provide SLSNT:  
 - Proof of the 100points
 - The completed Officials Reaccreditation Form signed by you and endorsed by your club.

If your accreditation has expired for longer than 3 months, then you may be required to obtain a new qualification.


Accreditation Process for Officials

Re-Accreditation Form

Core Official Overview

Technical Official Overview

SLSA Officiating Training Plan

Surf Sports Manual